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On your bike!

 and Go to your room!
Sl. imperative. Get out of here!; Get on your bike and get out! What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! That was a ridiculous remark. Go to your room!
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get on your bike

to go out to look for work There are plenty of jobs in the area - he just needs to get on his bike.
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On yer bike!

  (British & Australian very informal)
an impolite way of telling someone to go away 'Can you lend me some money?' 'On yer bike, mate!'
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n. a motorcycle; a bicycle. You have to wear a helmet with a bike that size, don’t you?

bike boys

n. cops; the police. Look out! Here come the bike boys.
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On your bike!

and Go to your room!
imperative Get out of here!; Go away and stop bothing me. (Neither is to be taken literally.) What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! Nasty mouth! Such talk! Go to your room!
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It can be very disconcerting for a finely conditioned triathlete to experience a shortness of breath when swimming, yet can breathe effortlessly when running or biking.
For starters, he hires biking enthusiasts, and they become the company's best source of product ideas.
It turns out that riding a road bike is no training at all for technical mountain biking.
In practice, it's hard to believe that mountain biking could produce any impact worse than hiking or horseback riding.
Whether you're a serious road or mountain biker, you want to try commuting to work by bike, or you simply want access some of the amazing bike trails with your family on the weekends," Ishaug added, "we provide you with the gear, the know-how and the encouragement to confidently enjoy biking in Minnesota 365 days a year.
When interest grew in the new sport of mountain biking, Geirman helped start the Kamikaze, a 3 1/2-mile mountain-bike run down Mammoth Mountain on a dirt service road.
The race is one of the most prestigious and extreme competitions on the world's mountain biking calendar and is expected to draw over 300 world-class riders and 10,000 spectators to the resort town, 22 miles outside of Taos, New Mexico.
For example, everyone knows that Harley riders wear their passion for biking on their sleeve.
To be sure, snow biking was not born out of competition, but rather practicality.
In addition to biking, the helmets can be used for other sports such as skateboarding, in-line skating and with non-motorized scooters.
Little girls usually aren't encouraged to go out and ride their bikes the same way that boys are,'' Griffis said, ``and a lot of the skills you need in mountain biking are a lot more translatable to BMX (bicycle moto-cross) than to road biking.
SGMA's Outdoor Recreation in America study, released in late September 2001, showed increased interest in outdoor "extreme" sports like mountain biking and snowboarding.
Southern California also is a hotbed of mountain biking activity and home to every major mountain bike magazine.
Shocked to see in today's news that President Bush would ride a scooter without a helmet, Bell(R) Sports is sending the President and his family helmets they can use for biking, skating, blading and riding scooters.
Considered a club activity, mountain biking gets less respect than intramural sports - and not much revenue, either.