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On your bike!

 and Go to your room!
Sl. imperative. Get out of here!; Get on your bike and get out! What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! That was a ridiculous remark. Go to your room!
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get on your bike

to go out to look for work There are plenty of jobs in the area - he just needs to get on his bike.
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On yer bike!

  (British & Australian very informal)
an impolite way of telling someone to go away 'Can you lend me some money?' 'On yer bike, mate!'
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n. a motorcycle; a bicycle. You have to wear a helmet with a bike that size, don’t you?

bike boys

n. cops; the police. Look out! Here come the bike boys.
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On your bike!

and Go to your room!
imperative Get out of here!; Go away and stop bothing me. (Neither is to be taken literally.) What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! Nasty mouth! Such talk! Go to your room!
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Fat bikes are becoming increasingly accessible through bike hire outlets and as mainstream brands bring out their own fat bikes for sale.
Increasingly landlords and condo boards charge their residents a nominal amount to store their bikes in a common bike storage area which offsets maintenance increases.
These bikes can be heavy, though, and, if you plan to cycle mostly on roads, the chunky tyres might slow you down.
FOR A SERVICE Try: Gear Up in Bromford Drive, Hodgehill (0121 448 3739); Bicycielo in Temple Street (0121 643 4442); The Bike Foundry in Stirchley (0121 459 7276); BikePro Racing in Kings Heath High Street (0121 4411199); Cycle Chain on the Carina narrowboat at Cambrian Wharf (07931 520 598); the Cycle Service Centre (part of the Sutton Runner shop) in Stonehouse Road (0121 355 2901); Fort Dunlop Cycling (0121 749 2774); iCycle in Bearwood (0121 428 5040); Ladypool Cycles (0121 449 9988); Northfield Cycles (0121 477 8889); On Your Bike in Digbeth (0121 666 6933); Sprocket Cycles in Digbeth (0121 633 0730); Tri-1st in Harborne (0121 472 0459) or Venture Bikes in Stirchley (0121 459 5995 or 07743 863 971).
Hybrid bikes combine the best features of road and mountain bikes - they are a great choice if you want a multi-purpose bike for commuting and leisure.
Many were smaller scale, with tens of bikes rather than thousands, but a few stand out.
We appreciate that having your bike stolen is upsetting, expensive and an inconvenience and therefore we would very much like to reunite the bikes found with their rightful owners.
Beefed-up bikes that are able to survive in the urban jungle are key to the success of today's bike shares (see A Rugged Ride, p.
On that ideal bike riding day, our survey found that fewer than 1 out of 1,000 workers are biking to the office.
Parents may also find bikes with additional features including "no-step" mounting, adjustable handlebars, and slip-resistant pedals.
Zeel Design, winners of the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW 2007 for best engineering and bodywork, will exhibit six of their award winning designs and visitors will have an opportunity to purchase these custom-design bikes at the exhibition.
We feel we have developed in-house enough experience to be able to introduce to the market in the next five years a new generation of twin-cylinder bikes, where the main target will be to improve the pleasure of sport riding, mainly through substantial weight reduction and torque increase," Domenicali says.
His bikes run from $30,000 to $60,000 -- a bargain, he says, compared with those of some designers.
In 2003, when a Wisconsin woman planned to launch a clothing line using the name Dykes on Bikes, the motorcycle group felt compelled to protect its name.
Many bikes offer enough leeway here that this measurement is not as important as it once was.