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On your bike!

 and Go to your room!
Sl. imperative. Get out of here!; Get on your bike and get out! What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! That was a ridiculous remark. Go to your room!
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get on your bike

to go out to look for work There are plenty of jobs in the area - he just needs to get on his bike.
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On yer bike!

  (British & Australian very informal)
an impolite way of telling someone to go away 'Can you lend me some money?' 'On yer bike, mate!'
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n. a motorcycle; a bicycle. You have to wear a helmet with a bike that size, don’t you?

bike boys

n. cops; the police. Look out! Here come the bike boys.
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On your bike!

and Go to your room!
imperative Get out of here!; Go away and stop bothing me. (Neither is to be taken literally.) What a bad joke! No puns allowed here! On your bike! Nasty mouth! Such talk! Go to your room!
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As I took a turn parading my bike safely across the practice area, I let go of the clutch.
REBNY will continue to be supportive of the bike parking legislation.
Instructors teach officers techniques for handling weapons while on bike patrol.
To make sure you buy a cross bike with the right size frame for you, you can conduct a simple test (different from the one you perform for mountain or road bikes).
Ten years ago, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw a bike on a forest trail - now I'm riding one.
Now in its seventh year, the Bike Commuter of the Year award recognizes individuals who inspire bicycling in their communities through their commitment and actions.
Bruce Mathieson, Scotland's first fat bike owner, said: "I was once addicted to downhill mountain biking, now I'm a convert to fat bikes.
Velodome's new products include bike lockers, bike cages and high-capacity bike racks.
However, the cycling position doesn't suit everyone, so give a racer bike a test-ride before you commit to buying.
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Residents in China's "happiest city," Hangzhou, can move easily from public transit onto physically separated bike tracks that have been carved out of the vast majority of roadways.