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big (of someone)

generous; kind or forgiving. (Sometimes sarcastic.) He gave me some of his apple. That was very big of him. It was big of Sally to come over and apologize like that.
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And as other commissions to design significant buildings in America have been awarded to foreign architects -- a list that includes Norman Foster, Rem Koolhaas, Daniel Libeskind, Herzog & de Meuron, Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, and Rafael Moneo -- so it might be assumed that their understandings of urbanism, sustainability and materials will temper America's emphatic pragmatism and palpable enthusiasm for bigness.
SIR: For all your hopes in the August issue on Bigness that things may be improving, the reality is shown in your correspondent's letter from Atlantic City.
Small may be beautiful, but our modern epoch is in inextricable thrall to the lure and power of bigness big money, bog business, the big idea, big personalities, the big stage, big buildings.
that company bigness probably means better prices for customers.
And the bigness here at Salt Creek continues with what is possibly the best pork chop experienced this year.
The nonsense surrealism of the Galashiels gadabouts, led by Paul Vickers, is not everyone's cuppa soup, but this sprawling cut has a naive bigness which accelerates into the memory banks after just a couple of plays.
No longer a lonely New England-style transcendentalist dodging traffic on the "mainstream" Thruway of Major Art - or, as some would have him, the solitary practitioner of Minimalism and Process-art "lite" - Tuttle is the Apollonian champion of the "small" and the "beautiful" currently surrounded by an odd-fellows chorus that savors deflated bigness and (at the extreme represented by Pettibon and his California colleagues) prizes ugliness at its most vivid or (in Kabakov's case) its most mundane.
Charles Jencks argues that bigness almost inevitably leads to boredom and anomie.
Bigness is a theoretical domain at this fin de siecle: in a landscape of disarray, disassembly, dissociation, disclamation, the attraction of Bigness is its potential to reconstruct the Whole, resurrect the Real, reinvent the collective, reclaim maximum possibility.
If we're going to give customers the high quality and good value that they demand, we must have the depth of technical expertise and financial strength that bigness provides," he said.
Our next issue looks at bigness, and how architects have dealt with the problems of scale demanded by contemporary programmes.
But bigness isn't the point, insisted Exxon's chairman and chief executive, Lee Raymond, who'll retain those jobs in the new Exxon Mobil Corp.
The best reason to broach Bigness is the one given by climbers of Mount Everest: "because it is there.
Bigness might not be such a problem if the LAUSD's seven board members had been doing the job of providing leadership and vision over the past two decades.
The urban forces he worships, says Koolhaas, must transform architecture 'The Absence of a theory of Bigness - what is the maximum architecture can do?