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big (of someone)

generous; kind or forgiving. (Sometimes sarcastic.) He gave me some of his apple. That was very big of him. It was big of Sally to come over and apologize like that.
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If West Brom Albion receive a biggish offer, which is pre-agreed, during the transfer window they could sell him.
Producers say Spain lacks big, or even biggish, homegrown event pics that can face up to the increasing swamp of front-loaded, blanket-released U.
West Ham's only new biggish pre-season signing has been goalkeeper David James from Aston Villa for pounds 3.
Despite a biggish cast (Sam Rockwell, Jared Harris and Rosemarie DeWitt) the scares come from the standard, hackneyed boo
I look for interesting, biggish supporting parts and try to do one a year.
It wasn't difficult, it was not very high and after two pitches, we came to a biggish ledge with a firm pinnacle.
HIKES that would have been biggish news in some weeks pale into insignificance this time around and not at all surprisingly the biggest rise went to Ten Up Novice Chase winner Lion Na Bearnai.
If I were on vacation though, I'd assume it was a biggish camera or something of the sort.
AT a time when 4x4s are not exactly in vogue, it is a bit novel to have a model that not only looks like a biggish crossover, but also handles like a saloon.
INGREDIENTS 2 tbsp vegetable oil or ghee (clarified butter) 1 red and 1 green sweet (bell) pepper - cut into half-inch squares 1 medium onion cut into biggish pieces Red and green chillies - deseeded and veined then coarsely chopped.
Our real world test of almost 1,000 miles of mixed driving on motorways, A-roads and country lanes to the east coast of Scotland and then over to Loch Lomond and back, came out at just under 35mpg which I didn't think was bad for a biggish car.
Barker also runs Celtic Mill in the Group Three Dubai International Airport World Trophy at Newbury on Saturday in what he describes as "a biggish weekend for a small stable".
Here, up comes another grey background this time with biggish photos in a single long strip down the single page which makes up the site.
The driver's seat has height adjustment which combines well with steering column movement to provide a fine driving position with good overall vision for a biggish car.
Sooa 'e wer 'avin' a gooa at Walt O' Will's who's just finished dooin' up 'is biggish haas on th' edge o' t' moor.