bide time

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bide (one's) time

To delay some action until an ideal moment or situation reveals itself. I'm just biding my time in an office job until a tenure-track position opens up at one of the local colleges.
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bide one's time

to wait patiently. I've been biding my time for years, just waiting for a chance like this. He's not the type just to sit there and bide his time. He wants some action now.
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bide (one's) time

To wait for further developments.
See also: bide, time
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The best thing Shamus could do after an unsuccessful fight is to bide time by staying on and accepting a lower position in Crystallus while spending time to network more with the outside world and looking out for good career opportunities.
I thought we must have been early and it was just trying to bide time.
The teacher will bide time until the student opens her/his palm fully indicating readiness (Lavoie, 1990).
But while Baras' ensemble choreography showcases a fine symmetry, the five women and two men almost seem to bide time waiting for Baras.
Newhall Land tried to bide time until they were forced in a corner.
A bull market sure helps new funds like Profit Lomax bide time.