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do (one's) bidding

To do what someone else wants or has requested, to the point of servitude. I hate how my mother always wants me to do her bidding—I refuse to do what she wants any longer! I can always get Tom to do my bidding, which is great when I'm faced with something I don't want to do!
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bid (something) down

To decrease the value of something, usually a security, by offering to pay lower and lower prices for it. Only buy that stock if you are able to bid it down first.
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bid up

1. To increase the price of an item by offering to pay more money for it than the previous bidder, as at an auction. The item sought can be mentioned after "bid" or after "up." If no one bids up the price of the necklace, it will be yours. I did really want that antique dresser, but the other people at the auction kept bidding it up, and I wasn't willing to pay thousands for it.
2. To increase the value of something, usually a security, by offering to pay higher and higher prices for it. Only sell that stock if you are able to bid it up first.
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bid something up

to raise the price of something at an auction by offering higher and higher prices; to increase the value of something, such as shares of stock, by offering a higher price for it each time it comes up for sale. Who is bidding the price up on that painting? Someone bid up the price on each piece at auction and then backed off.
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do someone's bidding

to do what is requested. The servant grumbled but did his employer's bidding. Am I expected to do your bidding whenever you ask?
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bid up

Raise a price by raising one's offer, as in We were hoping to get an Oriental rug cheaply, but the dealer kept bidding us up. This phrase is used in business and commerce, particularly at auctions. [Mid-1800s]
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bid up

1. To increase the price of something by offering increasingly high purchase prices for it: The traders bid up the stocks in oil companies. The buyer bid the artist's paintings up much more than she expected that they would be worth.
2. To increase some cost by offering increasingly high purchase prices: There were many potential buyers, and together they bid up the cost of milk to $3 per gallon. The price was low at first, but the buyer bid it up to much more than he could afford.
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fiddler's bidding

Last-minute invitation. The image is a vacancy at a dinner table to which an itinerant fiddler who appeared at the door and asked to play for food was invited to join the household at the table.
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3) However, although this danger creates an incentive not to bid too late, there are also incentives not to bid early in the auction, when there is still time for other bidders to react, avoiding a bidding war that will raise the final transaction price.
Valenzuela-Smith told him that the two classes prohibited from bidding were a) debarred contractors and b) contractors in default with the LAUSD.
Even if bidding is secret, the other members of the cartel will know by the price movement that someone has cheated.
NAA's new Mission Statement is "To promote, increase and build the trustworthiness of the competitive bidding method of marketing, including live, Internet and sealed bid auctions, and enhance the professionalism of its practitioners.
However, the judge ruled that the combination of an obvious price inadequacy combined with the bank's initial mistake in the bidding process is sufficient to void the sale.
A low-bandwidth bidding option for those buyers who do not have high-speed Internet has also been added.
A series of Daily News stories last year publicly disclosed for the first time how school officials were splitting contracts into pieces to avoid competitive bidding, how a handful of contractors were getting most of the work and how the process drove up costs.
Goal-Driven Bidding Strategy: SearchForce's on-demand solution starts with advertisers' specific bidding strategy and objectives for a campaign.
Under the second pattern, the district splits a single, large repair job into smaller B contracts, which do not require competitive bidding and advertising.
In addition to its exceptional speed and ease-of-use, I-bid LIVE further extends the excitement of the auction by providing a live voice feed of the auctioneer directly to IAA's Internet customers, allowing them to actually hear the bidding activity real-time and giving them a much better feel for the auction itself.
To manage and track the bidding process of this massive new construction undertaking, LAUSD has migrated to eBidboard to improve the quality and efficiency of preparing and distributing the massive volume of bid information, updates and project changes.
iProspect Becomes The First And Only Full-Service Search Engine Marketing Firm With Proprietary "Global Optimizing" Keyword Bidding Agent to Drive Pay Per Click Management Service Results
This is what Bid Express is about - simplifying formerly paper-intensive processes to make bidding efficient.
For a combined 145 years, Associated Builders and Contractors and The Blue Book of Building and Construction have played a vital role in bringing general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers together during the bidding and construction stages of projects.