bid for

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bid (something) for (something)

To say that one will pay a certain amount of money in exchange for an item, as at an auction. The monetary amount is often mentioned between "bid" and "for," while the item sought is named after "for." I can't believe I bid $500 for that necklace and still didn't win it! How much did you bid for that antique dresser?
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bid (something) for something

 and bid (something) on something
to offer an amount of money for something at an auction. I bid a thousand for the painting. I didn't want to bid for it. I wouldn't bid a cent on that rickety old table!
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US Airways on Wednesday boosted its bid for Delta to $10.
For many agencies, this may be the time to contemplate online forward auctions--the more familiar type where buyers bid for excess property, materials, or equipment.
Other analysts say United Airlines might succeed in a bid for Delta if it tops the more than $8 billion offered by US Airways.
US Airways' proposed merger with Delta casts a shadow on 50 incremental 76 planes Delta has asked regional carriers to bid for, analysts at Raymond James noted in a recent research report, adding US Airways might opt not to pursue that business.
Fifty-one percent of the tenants and landowners have to be in favor of the BID for it to go forward but city officials said they prefer a number closer to 80 percent or more.
like Halmar, another non-minority-owned firm, Crescent's bid for the work was $239 million.
Investment groups Syn Logistica and Fontidec also have bid for Varig, Bloomberg said.