bid down

bid (something) down

To decrease the value of something, usually a security, by offering to pay lower and lower prices for it. Only buy that stock if you are able to bid it down first.
See also: bid, down

bid something down

to lower the value of something, such as stock, by offering a lower price for it each time it comes up for sale. We bid the price down and then bought all of it. I could see that the traders were bidding down the price, but I didn't want to take the risk.
See also: bid, down
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Lately interest rates have been bid down to minuscule percentages at tax sales and premiums at some tax sales are bid too high for investors to make a decent profit.
If investors thought relaxation would be good for banks, then they would bid up bank stock values during event windows in which relaxation seemed likely and bid down values when the status quo seemed likely.
Of the Lottery Fund plan for Moseley Road, she added: "My view is we can put in a bid down the line but, at this moment, we don't have the money.
It is expected that Liverpool will turn the bid down, while it also seems hard to imagine that Higuain will be interested in a move to Anfield.
Wall Street was bullish on the acquisition; normally in such a deal, the acquirer is bid down while the acquiree is bid up.
5m for United striker Shola Ameobi - but the club swiftly turned the bid down.
Martin Gahbauer, Nationwide's chief economist, said: "As more sellers have returned to the market, buyers have a greater selection of properties to choose from and more bargaining power with which to bid down asking prices.
Life was great until a few days ago when, instead of jumping on their horses, the Americans charged into town on a Gulfstream jet for the afternoon and plunked a bid down that was a great deal for them, and not, in our view, anywhere near what was already on the table," Noble said in an unusually colorful statement posted to the Singapore stock exchange on Monday.
The race began in earnest turning into the straight, with Conduit launching his bid down the outside, although he struggled to get on terms with Sea The Stars and Rip Van Winkle.
Analysts with Bernstein Research say that among the big three brokers, Aon, Marsh and McLennan and Willis HRH, the latter is best positioned to take the biggest bite out of that market and bid down fat commissions currently charged by the smaller broker shops.
The extent to which wages are bid down, as indicated by the VocaLink take-home pay index, will be a key determinant in this.
The extent to which wages are bid down, as indicated by the VocaLink take home pay index, will be a key determinant in this.
Was the scale of the bid down to Spurs' desperation to stop shipping goals?
All else constant, this arbitrage should bid up Japanese interest rates and bid down Australian interest rates until the profit opportunity disappears.
Birmingham have said they've turned a bid down, it's as simple as that.