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bicker (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and bicker (with someone or something) (over someone or something)
to argue with someone about someone or something. Why are you always bickering with her about absolutely nothing? Please don't bicker with us over these small details.
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Looking over the four nightly specials and dinner menu, there was variety enough of beef, chicken, seafood, vegetarian and Italian dishes - along with sandwiches and burgers - to quiet a party of bickerers.
The United States Congress has been reduced to a partisan body of bickerers, controlled by special interest groups, in which members are more concerned about their re-elections, perks, and power than they are about serving their constituents, claims the author.
To my discredit - because it was an easy way to get away from the bickerers.
TOURISTS become bickerers when faced with the stress of holiday travel, a poll revealed yesterday.
With all due respect to Premiership bickerers Benitez and Ferguson, they're novices in the world of mind games compared to this brain-bending bamboozler.
The West Indian cricketers had been traditionally perceived as interisland bickerers.
At the same time, the portrayal of Glen's parents, standard-issue bickerers, is not far removed from the parents on "Everybody Loves Raymond.