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bicker (with someone) (about someone or something)

 and bicker (with someone or something) (over someone or something)
to argue with someone about someone or something. Why are you always bickering with her about absolutely nothing? Please don't bicker with us over these small details.
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MARK OF QUALITY Goalscorer Bicker is mobbed by his team mates after his long range stunner made it 2-0
WINNERS: (Back, from left) John Faries, Kath Moreton, Charlotte Moreton, Neil Carlton, Michael Taylor, Tracy Gray, Patricia Cooke, John Flitton, Edwina Scott, (front, from left), Juliet Faries, Lorraine Martin, Anne Jarvis, Mary Abrams, James Abrams, Graham Bicker, Val Lockhart, Charlotte Wheeler, Sharon Wheeler and son, Audrey Harrison, Terry Harrison
It began in 1949 when Corrina's grandfather, George Bicker, started a nursery where he grew pot plants and tomatoes to sell at market.
Behring Diagnostics GmbH Board of Management: Uwe Bicker (Chairman), Friedhelm Blobel, Reiner Gleiss Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Horst Waesche Principal Office: Marburg (Lahn), registered in Marburg (Lahn) No.
The Board of Management, designated by the Hoechst Board of Management, for Behring Diagnostics GmbH includes: Uwe Bicker, MD, PhD, chairman; Friedhelm Blobel, PhD, chief technology officer and head of the global Product Supply Organization (PSO); and Reiner Gleiss, who has been appointed chief financial and administrative officer.
Uwe Bicker, President and CEO, Behring Diagnostics.
We are pleased to welcome Friedhelm to Behring Diagnostics," stated Uwe Bicker, MD, PhD, President of Behring Diagnostics, a division of Hoechst.
And yes, NBC's upcoming ``LAX'' also features a couple who have previously trysted and bicker over control of their business as well, and yes, the WB also has an upcoming series set on Hawaii's North Shore.
The combination of excellent management and sales professionals, in addition to quality products and product pipelines, will position Behring Diagnostics on the forefront in the diagnostics marketplace," said Uwe Bicker, MD, PhD, President and CEO of Behring Diagnostics, the global diagnostics business of the Hoechst Group.
The two bicker and exchange cultural cliches until trauma forces them to recognize that they're more alike than they first thought.
THIS painting by North Wales artist Peter Bickers is one of three maritime pictures by him at The Gallery.
Bickers said at a clinical dermatology seminar sponsored by Medicis.
Bickers DR, Calow P, Greim HA, Hanifin JM, Rogers AE, Saurat JH, et al.
So says James Bickers, editor of Retail Customer Experience magazine and online (http://www.