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(one's) best bib and tucker

One's dressiest or most formal attire. A "bib" and a "tucker" are now-outdated clothing embellishments. Be sure to wear your best bib and tucker to the gala tonight
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one's best bib and tucker

Rur. one's best clothing. I always put on my best bib and tucker on Sundays. Put on your best bib and tucker, and let's go to the city.
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your best bib and tucker

  (old-fashioned, humorous)
the best or most formal clothes that you own We were all dressed in our best bib and tucker for my aunt's wedding.
See the best thing since sliced bread
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best bib and tucker

One's finest clothes, dressed up, as in The men were told to put on their best bib and tucker for the dinner dance. Although wearing either a bib (frill at front of a man's shirt) or a tucker (ornamental lace covering a woman's neck and shoulders) is obsolete, the phrase survives. [Mid-1700s] For a synonym, see Sunday best.
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When Stephen and Amanda Wilkes, founders of Comfy Catch (UK) Ltd, tried to persuade their 18 month old son Anthony to wear a conventional trough type bib, all they got were tears and tantrums.
I started by outsourcing manufacturing to Mexico to cut costs," she explains, "and then switched to a company in North Carolina so the bibs could be made in America.
Women jurors wept as they listened to Darren Jenkinson describe killing the two infants with their bibs.
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