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(one's) best bib and tucker

One's dressiest or most formal attire. A "bib" and a "tucker" are now-outdated clothing embellishments. Be sure to wear your best bib and tucker to the gala tonight
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one's best bib and tucker

Rur. one's best clothing. I always put on my best bib and tucker on Sundays. Put on your best bib and tucker, and let's go to the city.
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best bib and tucker

One's finest clothes, dressed up, as in The men were told to put on their best bib and tucker for the dinner dance. Although wearing either a bib (frill at front of a man's shirt) or a tucker (ornamental lace covering a woman's neck and shoulders) is obsolete, the phrase survives. [Mid-1700s] For a synonym, see Sunday best.
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stick your bib in


poke your bib in

If someone sticks their bib in or pokes their bib in, they interfere in a situation or an argument. I wish he wouldn't keep sticking his bib in. Note: You can also say that someone sticks their bib into something. They want to limit the right of unions to stick their bibs into disputes where none of their members is actually involved.
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your best bib and tucker

If you are wearing your best bib and tucker, you are wearing very smart, formal clothes. The conference guests all turned up on time in their best bib and tucker. Note: In the past, a `bib' was the part of an apron which covered the chest. A `tucker' was a decorative part of a woman's dress, covering her neck and shoulders.
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your best bib and tucker

your best clothes. informal
Bib and tucker originally referred to certain items of women's clothing. A bib is a garment worn over the upper front part of the body (e.g. the bib of an apron), and a tucker was a decorative piece of lace formerly worn on a woman's bodice.
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stick (or poke) your bib in

interfere. Australian & New Zealand informal
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your best bib and ˈtucker

(humorous) your best clothes that you only wear on special occasions: Bill put on his best bib and tucker and booked a table at a top restaurant for a romantic dinner.
Bib and tucker are both items of clothing worn in the past.
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