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bias against (someone or something)

A prejudice against someone or something. That teacher just seems to have a bias against me—she never calls on me in class, and she grades my papers so harshly. My father has a bias against that company because he dislikes its outspoken CEO. The bias against hiring women that exists in this company is painfully obvious.
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bias someone against someone or something

to prejudice someone against someone or something. Please avoid biasing everyone against me. One bad experience biased all of us against that brand of sausage.
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on the bias

on a diagonal line; on a diagonal pathway or direction. The panels of the dress were cut on the bias. The seamstress sewed the fabric on the bias.
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The Encounter low-power digital IC flow performs the routing of the additional bias rail and selects the proper tap option that enables the offset biasing option of the IPrima Mobile ULP cell library.
This product is specifically designed for base station power amplifier modules requiring more efficient LDMOS biasing control.
This technology establishes a superior level of bias compensation performance not previously achievable using traditional discrete biasing circuitry.
In gate biasing, the leakage of the cell is reduced by over 250X on a standard 130nm process (generic) with no sacrifice to the performance of the SoC.
The resistor configuration consists of a "base biasing resistor" or R1, and an optional "bleed resistor," or R2.
The programmability of the X9319 is a key component in high voltage systems requiring gain, reference voltage and bias calibrations such as common mode biasing in RF power amplifiers and gain adjustments in audio applications.