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bias against (someone or something)

A prejudice against someone or something. That teacher just seems to have a bias against me—she never calls on me in class, and she grades my papers so harshly. My father has a bias against that company because he dislikes its outspoken CEO. The bias against hiring women that exists in this company is painfully obvious.
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bias someone against someone or something

to prejudice someone against someone or something. Please avoid biasing everyone against me. One bad experience biased all of us against that brand of sausage.
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on the bias

on a diagonal line; on a diagonal pathway or direction. The panels of the dress were cut on the bias. The seamstress sewed the fabric on the bias.
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Other researchers have identified additional biases that may inflate ratings.
In light of the havoc that biases can wreak, it is fortunate that we can do something about them.
It may sound absurd to say this in the 21st century, but experts claim many people still hold such biases and myths - even young adults.
There is so much we need to be doing differently and addressing seriously--and biases and "isms" are just a few reasons why.
Klumpner's main arguments to support his case that the biases due to the inadequate treatment of quality change are negligible are: (1) the existing studies on the topic cover a rather narrow range of products and hence may not be representative, and (2) the expenditure shares for the "whiz-bang" consumption categories where new products are important are very small.
In evaluating responses, the auditor should learn to distinguish fact from opinion, and be conscious of biases an interviewee may have.
In a company with several production sites the reference materials should be used in each one to determine whether there are significant biases between plant laboratories.
The RFICs help simplify power amplifier system designs by incorporating an automatic biasing function, which allows designers to set amplifier biases with minimal external circuitry.
2) In a multiple-bias incident, two conditions must be met: (a) more than one offense type must occur in the incident and (b) at least two offense types must be motivated by different biases.
AII participants in scientific review panels should disclose sources of potential biases and conflicts of interest.
Stories that confirm those biases will receive inadequate vetting, leading to factual errors.
Two manuscripts recently have been published in Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry [RCM 17, 771-776 (2003) and RCM 17, 777-782 (2003)] that detail an international collaboration to identify, understand at a fundamental level, and correct measurement biases manifested in gas isotope ratio mass spectroeters.
Much of our litigation seeks to correct errors and overturn unjust outcomes that result from personal and societal biases, all too frequently not left outside the courtroom door.
Bennett said only biases such as this, with no connection to the facts of the trial, are grounds for a judge's dismissal.