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And firstly, if it be not entirely new, but is, as it were, a member of a state which, taken collectively, may be called composite, the changes arise chiefly from an inherent difficulty which there is in all new principalities; for men change their rulers willingly, hoping to better themselves, and this hope induces them to take up arms against him who rules: wherein they are deceived, because they afterwards find by experience they have gone from bad to worse.
They have fought so hard and sacrificed so much to learn and better themselves.
During the meeting attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Acting Minister of Defense Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah and Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs as well as Acting Foreign Affairs Minister, Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak stressed that security and army personnel should continue their strive to better themselves in order to protect Kuwait from any harm.
It rewards those who strive and work to better themselves.
If they want to move on to better themselves, I can't tell them not to do that.
HELPING young people to better themselves, make the most of their lives and work towards a successful career, can be a highly rewarding way to earn a living.
Staggies chairman Roy MacGregor said: "I want someone who wants to better themselves, someone who wants to use Ross County as a stepping stone to bigger things.
Scrap bedroom tax, it doesn't help any one better themselves.
But we are in a far better place now to attract the best players who can drive us on and better themselves in the process.
Mr McGuin accuses me of assuming that the working class do not aspire to better themselves.
Brian Dixon, whose business Fretex is sub-contracted by the Salvation Army to collect from banks across the North East said: "We help whenever we can and it is difficult when people are trying to steal the stuff and better themselves, but it is just the world we live in.
It's imperative that we as an education community give students the resources and tools they need to improve their work and continually better themselves.
The poll results also showed Democrats being more optimistic on whether the next generation would be better off, and whether Americans were willing to work hard to better themselves, while Republicans, on the other hand, were more optimistic about poor people to avail opportunities in America, to get ahead by working hard.
This club would never stand in anyone's way if they wanted to better themselves and we wish Jack the best of luck.
For public sector workers and the people who rely on them, for the sick, the vulnerable, the elderly, the jobless and those seeking to better themselves through education, the future is bleak.