better than nothing

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(It's) better than nothing.

Having something that is not satisfactory is better than having nothing at all. John: How do you like your dinner? Jane: It's better than nothing. John: That bad, huh? John: Did you see your room? How do you like it? Jane: Well, I guess it's better than nothing.
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Plain water is better than nothing, but sports drinks are probably best," says Dr.
But it's better than nothing, and what we're doing right now is nothing.
Criticize their new bond and lawmakers will have a familiar response at the ready: ``Something is better than nothing.
However, something is better than nothing, and the fact that at least some deserving people (women being the recipients in a lot of instances) are receiving much-needed financial help should not be dismissed.
It's better than nothing at this point, but far from a permanent solution.
To the extent that they show student effects, they show that Schools Attuned is better than nothing.
But it was a cruel blow for relegation-threatened Oldham boss Ronnie Moore, who said: "I was gutted when the equaliser went in, but a point is better than nothing.
The shot only worked about half the time, but the CDC says that was better than nothing.
Always remember that almost any information that is presented (particularly visuals) is better than nothing.
But Lee notes that wills created in this fashion, while better than nothing, tend to be "grossly deficient" in addressing specific state laws.
government was urged to go along with this proposal because it was "flawed, but better than nothing.
But at a time when California is projecting a $4 billion state deficit, being tossed a small bone is better than nothing.
In better times, we all get lulled into thinking anything we put in the mail will be better than nothing put in the mail.
It damns condoms for two long columns, but only after making a statement that would encourage one to think that they are better than nothing.
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