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Mrs Thatcher wanted us all to better ourselves and this is what this scheme did.
It's difficult to accept and there is some work to be done on defending and we acknowledge Chesterfield being a good side going forward but we've got to do better ourselves.
Just as we need to take time to breathe, relax, practice and revive ourselves, it is essential to take time to better ourselves.
We also have to pledge our best efforts to do better ourselves -- to offer our support in a smarter way, a more effective way that produces real results for the people of Haiti.
We're constantly growing, constantly trying to better ourselves, and so, over time, I think you do have to bring in new people to add new energy to the company.
The best way to overcome the deeper feelings of inferiority might be to better ourselves, rather than demeaning others.
We constantly strive to better ourselves in our quest to be the employer of choice," said Adel bin Turkeya, Senior Vice President, Human Resources of EZW.
While it's crucial that we respect these traditions, it doesn't mean we can't learn from them to heal and better ourselves, as well as help preserve them for centuries to come.
Let's start making the changes to better ourselves, to get our pride where it's needed to show us we are strong.
We're all delighted with the number of homes we've found for greyhounds in our first year, and I'm sure I speak for everyone involved that we'll strive to better ourselves still further in the next year.
Ideally, to better ourselves, to be something more than we were before, to be broader and more tolerant.
Thanks, Geof, we couldn't have said it any better ourselves.
If we see the chance of a cheap shot, an easy press release, to gain a point, we should NOT take it if we honestly think we couldn't have done better ourselves.
Maybe we could better ourselves by reaching out to others--and help kill a poisonous libel at the same time.
In the rush to succeed, the rush to attain, to better ourselves, we didn' t question what success was in this country.