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My confusion, he said, betrayed me, and he would be willing to bet the Devil his head that she did not.
Not so upon those of the unhappy Dammit, who offered to bet the Devil his head that I was hipped.
I should like to hear any man stand up and say I want to bet unfair.
But I'm afraid o' neither man nor ghost, and I'm ready to lay a fair bet.
It is thus: Mopo, my servant and thy brother, made a bet with me, a bet of cattle.
Well, I'll bet a dinner costing five hundred francs at the Rocher de Cancale that Rabourdin does not get La Billardiere's place.
Now the Code allows of no action for the recovery of a bet.
I do beg you to be quiet; you can laugh and bet afterwards.
Well, I accept the bet,--for this reason; you can hardly understand it, but I'll tell it to you all the same.
Well, it is just because the promotion would be so fitting, and because the man has such merit, and because the measure is so eminently wise and equitable that I bet Rabourdin will not be appointed.
Seegars, I bet you -- and cost five cents apiece, solid cash.
Your bets will count towards the total once they've been settled.
The opening up of sports bets was mirrored by other developments in gambling.
IT'S Royal Ascot week - and YOU could WIN BIG because we're giving EVERY READER over 18 a COMPLETELY FREE pounds 3 BET on the meeting.
Late bets will be placed on next game of chosen team.