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woe betide (one)

Unpleasant things will happen to someone. And woe betide anyone one who tries to ruin my plans!
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ˌwoe beˈtide somebody

(formal or humorous) there will be trouble for somebody: Woe betide anyone who arrives late!
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woe betide (someone)

1. Used to express the wish for someone to experience misfortune.
2. Used as a warning or allusion to negative consequences: "Even though my dad was no farmer, he was a crack shot and a very good hunter&.... woe betide the unwary moose that wandered down from Canada" (Howard Frank Mosher).
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References in classic literature ?
There are no longer divided counsels among the gods; Juno has brought them to her own mind, and woe betides the Trojans.
There are no longer divided counsels among the gods; Juno has brought them over to her own mind, and woe betides the Trojans at the hands of Jove.
Him walking on a sunny hill he found, Backed on the north and west by a thick wood; Out of the wood he starts in wonted shape, And in a careless mood thus to him said:-- "Fair morning yet betides thee, Son of God, After a dismal night.
The physio gets his fingers right into the joints and woe betide you if he doesn't particularly like you.
Woe betide any politician who attempts to block this taking place.
Now we are being warned about the extreme views of the British National Party,and woe betide us if we let them have even the least power.
It became practice to speak to a drunk, advise him of the folly of his behaviour, point him in the right direction for home, and woe betide him if he didn't behave himself.
The community built up around this latest grassroots internet initiative will fight to keep it that way, so woe betide anyone who breaks the warchalkers' code.
Woe betide any political leader who puts party dogma before the interests of the country.
WOE betide anyone who thinks Yeovil will be an easy game for Liverpool in the FA Cup.
But woe betide you if you turn up looking like poor Mr Bates.
And woe betide anyone who dares to criticise Tony Blair as he sucks up to President Bush in this dreadful manner.
Especially the group of two couples who were stood near to us who spent the whole evening shouting and arguing with each other and woe betide anybody who tried to challenge them.
Children are running out of control and woe betide any teacher who lays a hand upon them; and now even - if Ms Hutt gets her way - the parents as well.