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The best-kept secret of the life settlement industry
Usually, we're called the best-kept secret in the Valley,'' said Midge Gisel, president of the San Fernando Valley Historical Society and a Pico Adobe docent.
Perhaps the best-kept secret for GLBT religious and spiritual seekers in the mainstream press is that some small denominations do embrace gay lives fully, and have done so for decades.
Anyone on the verge of launching a career should know that summer internship programs are Americas best-kept secret.
Direct methanol fuel cells, which convert methanol to electricity without the need for a chemical reformer, were first announced three years ago, but they seem to be the world's best-kept secret.
Pop legends UB40 sang the praises of Millennium Point on its first birthday yesterday and said it was the best-kept secret in Birmingham.
Reflecting on why FEI is the best-kept secret both inside and outside the organization leads me to my second goal.
The North East's best-kept secret is becoming more of a well-known fact.
I always said it was the best-kept secret in Southern California,'' DePompa recently said about the club.
The Best-Kept Secret by Kimberla Lawson Roby William Morrow, February 2005 $23.
It is possibly the best-kept secret in all of Salvador, Brazil--a black-owned, black-staffed Jamaican hotel in the heart of the city's historic Pelourinho district.
By re-branding, the Bank sends a clear and more disciplined message to the marketplace, and makes the temptation to refer to NCB as a best-kept secret a thing of the past.
Deborah Rosenberg, a mother of two, calls Stansfield's class ``the best-kept secret in the Valley.
Henry-Fairhurst said her new home "is the best-kept secret in the South.
In our view, if the Company does deliver on our 2006E reduced software sales targets and demonstrates that the Synaptic acquisition has allowed it to diversify the customer portfolio beyond law enforcement as well as to accelerate license software sales, we believe that Visiphor may yet turn out to be the best-kept secret in the already well-researched Homeland Security sector.