best of luck

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best of luck (to someone)

I wish good luck to someone. Alice: Good-bye, Bill. Bill: Goodbye, Alice. Best of luck. Alice: Thanks. Bye. "Good-bye, and the best of luck to you," shouted Mary, waving and crying at the same time.
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I wish him the best of luck in the Premier League, and (assistant) Brian Kidd, too.
And I would like to wish Leigh Centurions the best of luck with Gareth Hock.
So far I've heard reports that it's gone well so best of luck to him.
A poster calling himself BlueRedBlue wrote: "Hey, Jacks, as a true Bluebird and football fan, I genuinely and honestly really wish you the best of luck in 'our' quest to get a Welsh team in the Premiership.
Best of luck to everyone associated with the track.
We wish Fawdon Park Juniors the best of luck for the season ahead.
Best of luck to the outgoing CAO, who helped keep the city on a more or less even financial keel -- despite the best efforts of the politicians to run up big deficits.
We wish our former colleagues the best of luck at their new company.
Griffith Properties made a great buy of a superbly located property and we wish them the best of luck in their efforts," said Rob Toomey, Vice President with Amstar.
There's little doubt the vast majority of people across Northern Ireland will look to the North-West this year and wish our second city the best of luck as it grasps this incredible opportunity.
You've done the city proud and on behalf of all the lads at Everton I'd like to wish you the very best of luck.
58, and Gibson added: "I wish Paul the best of luck in getting through to the next stage as a best loser.
Mr Blair said: "I certainly give my congratulations to everyone involved for all they have done to bring The Open there and wish everyone the best of luck.
He's one heck of a track and field athlete, and we always wish each other the best of luck.
The courage he and his parents have shown is nothing short of admirable and we wish the whole family the best of luck for a bright and happy future.