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beside the cushion

Unimportant. A digression. Oh, that's beside the cushion. Let's get back to the main topic.
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be beside (oneself)

To be very emotional, especially shocked or distraught. I was beside myself when I found out I'd been rejected from my first-choice school. Honestly, we've all been beside ourselves since the funeral.
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be beside the point

To be tangential or insignificant. I do love the apartment, but that's beside the point because I don't have enough money for a security deposit right now. Your weekend plans are beside the point—let's get back to the topic at hand.
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beside oneself (with something)

Fig. in an extreme state of some emotion. I was beside myself with joy. Sarah could not speak. She was beside herself with anger.
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beside the point

 and beside the question
irrelevant; of no importance. That's very interesting, but beside the point. That's beside the point. You're evading the issue.
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*black mark beside one's name

Fig. something negative associated with a person. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give one ~.) I did it again! Now I've got still another black mark beside my name!
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pale beside someone or something

Fig. to appear to be weak or unimportant when compared to someone or something. He is competent, but he pales beside Fran. My meager effort pales beside your masterpiece.
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set something beside something

to place something near or next to something. Please set the chair beside the window. I set the suitcase beside the door so I would not forget it.
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beside yourself

extremely upset or excited My mother was beside herself with curiosity.

beside the point

not important I can't think of anything that he and I agree on, but that's beside the point. Opposite of: to the point
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be beside yourself

to feel an emotion that is so strong it is impossible to control He was beside himself when she didn't come home last night. (often + with ) We were beside ourselves with excitement as we watched the race.
See be beside the point
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be beside the point

to be in no way connected to the subject that is being discussed Ian's a nice guy but that's beside the point. He doesn't have the right experience for the job.
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beside oneself

In a state of extreme agitation or excitement, as in She was beside herself when she found she'd lost her ring, or Peter was beside himself with joy-he'd won the poetry award. This phrase appears in the New Testament (Acts 26:24): "Paul, thou art beside thyself; much learning makes thee mad." [Late 1400s]
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beside the point

Also, beside the mark or question . Irrelevant, off the subject. For example, Whether you had insurance is beside the point; the accident is your fault. These terms came into common use in the mid-1800s. Also see neither here nor there.
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beside (oneself)

In a state of extreme excitement or agitation: They were beside themselves with glee.

beside the mark

Beside the point; irrelevant.
See also: beside, mark

beside the point

Irrelevant to the matter at hand.
See also: beside, point
References in classic literature ?
She went into her room to put on her hat, and when she came in again she sat once more upon the sofa beside him.
Thither we had now to walk, and our way, to my great delight, lay along the quays and beside the great multitude of ships of all sizes and rigs and nations.
Beside me were the charred vestiges of the boats and these four dead bodies.
Nonsense," returned Danglars, "I tell you again I have nothing whatever to do with it; besides, you know very well that I tore the paper to pieces.
So they passed to the bed beside the discontented bee, and here upon the softest down lay the dove, whose gentle eyes looked gratefully upon the Fairy, as she knelt beside the little couch, smoothed the soft white bosom, folded her arms about it and wept sorrowing tears, while the bird still whispered its gratitude and love.
When she had gone several miles she thought she would stop to rest, and so climbed to the top of the fence beside the road and sat down.
Meanwhile the muslined form of Tess could be seen standing still, undecided, beside this turn-out, whose owner was talking to her.
The two companions of the man who lay now beside the door of the cell that had been Tars Tarkas' had just started to ascend the runway as the Thark came in view.
There were breathing spells when I had a chance to converse with the red men beside whom I fought, and once the jeddak, Kulan Tith himself, laid his hand upon my shoulder and asked my name.
One was of a beautiful woman and the other might have been a likeness of the man who sat beside her, except for a subtle difference of expression that was scarcely definable.
The youth did as he was bidden and, with bowed head and sorrowful step, accompanied the others, walking beside Will Scarlet.
Prince Hippolyte, having brought the workbag, joined the circle and moving a chair close to hers seated himself beside her.
Upon a pad beside him was the outline of a key, and here he noted the results of his measurements.
Also, turning her head, she found that she could see the boy beside her, who had until now remained as still and silent as she herself.
Faint light filtered from above through occasional ventilating and lighting tubes, but it was scarce sufficient to enable my human eyes to cope with the darkness, and so I was forced to move with extreme care, feeling my way along step by step with a hand upon the wall beside me.