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*brown as a berry

very brown from the sun; quite suntanned. (*Also: as ~.) She was out in the sun so much that she became as brown as a berry.
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be as brown as a berry

  (British & Australian)
if someone is as brown as a berry their skin has become much darker because of the effects of the sun She's as brown as a berry after a month in Greece.
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1. and the berries n. the best; the finest. (Always with the. A noun with the force of an adjective.) Man, this stuff is the berries!
2. n. wine. (see also grape(s).) Lemme stop at the liquor store for some berries.
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the berries

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It's the berries

Superlative. This 1920s phrase would seem to convey the idea that berries are a choice snack or dessert. A similar phrase, “the bee's knees,” has no such connection with reality aside from its rhyme and cute image.
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