benefit by

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benefit by something

 and benefit from something
to profit or gain by something. We hope to benefit by the collapse of our competition. We will all benefit from the new tax laws.
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References in classic literature ?
The various arts may be doing their own business and benefiting that over which they preside, but would the artist receive any benefit from his art unless he were paid as well?
If they should derive less benefit, therefore, from the Union in some respects than the less distant States, they will derive greater benefit from it in other respects, and thus the proper equilibrium will be maintained throughout.
And after listening attentively for some time Coifi again cried out, "'I advise, O King, that we instantly abjure and set fire to those temples and altars which we have consecrated without reaping any benefit from them.
stopping by to use the restroom or copier represents a different benefit from that derived by the prospective entrepreneur whom staff help to get the statistics needed to start a new business).
For Federal income tax purposes, an excess-benefit transaction would occur on the date the disqualified person receives the economic benefit from the organization.
Those marketing voluntary offerings to some blue-collar employee groups have found only minimal benefit from the Internet.
Allowing plan sponsors to restrict payment options solely to a lump sum would be particularly helpful where the plan sponsor has historically not allowed extended payment options, yet a few participants enjoy an extended payment option as a protected benefit from a former plan that was merged into an existing plan.
These arguments culminated in the enactment of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights 2, which provides rules similar to those already in existence for private foundations and allows the Internal Revenue Service to levy penalties on individuals who benefit from inurement.
Palmieri, deputy rehabilitator and chief executive officer of Mutual Benefit Life, said, "I am extremely pleased that Mutual Benefit's policyholders will continue to benefit from this valuable block of business.
In addition, taxpayers indirectly benefit from the reduced tax burden associated with reduced sheltered workshop dependency.
Thus, younger retirees receive a richer benefit from the company than do Medicare-eligible retirees (for whom the company is secondary insurer), and short-service retirees receive more valuable benefits--relative to their time with the company--than do career employees.
And if our clients benefit, I believe NAA will also benefit from our partnership with Benefit Informatics as we continue to grow as a preferred provider in the industry.
The regulations, requirement that every participant be able to benefit from every intangible developed under a CSA.
At Fiserv, our employees are our greatest asset, and not only our clients but our organization as a whole will benefit from the addition of Wausau Benefits.
83-3(a) stems from the fact that the benefited employee is receiving a vested and secured economic benefit from the arrangement.