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beg on bended knee

To beg or plead for something submissively and with dramatic earnestness. Refers to kneeling before someone from whom one must beg for mercy or favor. After five years, I'm ready to beg on bended knee for a promotion. We have to remain strong in the eyes of the world. We cannot beg on bended knee for help from our allies.
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on bended knee

kneeling, as in supplication. (The verb form is obsolescent and occurs now only in this phrase.) Do you expect me to come to you on bended knee and ask you for forgiveness? The suitors came on bended knee and begged the attention of the princess.
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on bended knee

like a servant The governors have to ask on bended knee for more money from Washington to pay for increased security.
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on bended knee/knees

if you ask for something on bended knee, you ask very politely or with a lot of emotion for something that you want very much I had to go down on bended knee and beg my Dad to let me have the party. He begged me on bended knee to marry him.
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on bended knee

Humbly, pleading, as in They're desperate for funds; they're asking for contributions on bended knee. This expression alludes to a traditional attitude of supplication. Bended, the past tense of bend, survives only in this idiom, elsewhere having been replaced by bent. [Mid-1600s]
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on bended knee

On one's knee or knees, as in supplication or submission.
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Then he went down on bended knee, took her hand and said, 'Marry me, it's for keeps'.
Spokeswoman Sharon McHugh said: "Judging by the betting it looks like Bri' has already got down on bended knee.
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Kevin is a frequent visitor to Ireland and in 1994 he proposed to Clare on bended knee in Dublin's International Bar.
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The 38-year-old presenter met his Norwegian-born TV producer girlfriend Dee Koppang for a romantic break and got down on bended knee, he told ITV's This Morning.
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I'm the traditional romantic type, so I'll probably propose in the old- fashioned way down on my bended knee.
Shane is romantic and a traditionalist, and will definitely get down on bended knee to do the deed.
A pal said: "When Steve sprang his surprise on Tina she asked him to get down on bended knee after which she'd say yes.
When they arrived, he got down on bended knee in front of everybody and proposed again.
Barmaid Lisa McElveen, 19, went on bended knee in front of staff and TV cameras at the Copthorne Hotel in Glasgow.
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Damien, who is worth EUR16million, went down on bended knee just before Christmas 2009 and gave Elaine a EUR50,000 ring.