bend elbow

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bend (one's/the) elbow

To drink alcohol, perhaps excessively. Come bend your elbow at the bar with us tonight! If you're this hung-over, you must have really bent the elbow at the party last night.
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bend one's elbow

 and bend the elbow; lift one's elbow
to take a drink of an alcoholic beverage; to drink alcohol to excess. He's down at the tavern, bending his elbow. Paul gets lots of exercise. I saw him bend his elbow thirty times at a bar yesterday.
See also: bend, elbow

bend (one's) elbow

To drink alcoholic beverages.
See also: bend, elbow
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Pull the abs in and, keeping your back straight, bend elbows and lower body towards the railing until elbows are at 90 degree angles.
From this position bend elbows (no more than 90 degrees) to lower the body, dropping your rear below the bench.
Hold thirty seconds, then tuck chin to chest, bend elbows and lower slowly to surface.
Bend elbows and lower your upper body down keeping your chest off the floor.
Bend knees to 45 degrees, make soft fists and bend elbows to 90 degrees.