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The legs of the benches have to either have single touch points on
Establishment of Permanent Benches of the Karnataka High Court at Dharwad and Gulbarga would facilitate better access for justice to litigants of the Districts, covered under the jurisdiction of the Dharwad and Gulbarga Benches.
The benches will be placed near homes for school and university students who wait for their buses as well as near graveyards to be used during burials and visits.
The project will include new drainage and water supply, a spray fountain, new benches, trash receptacles and lighting.
Bill's Bench has plenty of company, though the exact number and location of commemorative benches across Lane County is unknown.
Are the tubs of bottles, cans, and concrete debris arranged among the benches simply raw materials awaiting magical transmutation into art?
To make it easy to move, the table breaks apart into five sections: two ends, two benches, and the table.
IKEA, the world's leading home furnishings retailer, today announced that it has selected seasoned artist and Tempe resident, Niki Glen, to craft benches for outside the future IKEA Tempe.
Vertical benches also protect from biohazardous toxins, thus making them useful for research related to harmful particles.
Islamabad -- The Supreme Court of Pakistan has constituted five benches for the hearing of cases during current judicial week falling from October 26 to October 30, 2015.
The object of this contract is to supply seven types of specialized chemical benches primarily for semiconductor technology processes, processes of electron and optical lithography, chemical cleaning and etching of the Shared Laboratory Preparation and characterization of nanostructures.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court with six benches here at principle seat is all set to take up a number of important cases today.
After constitution of the five-member larger bench, the bench hearing Karachi law and order case would be split into two benches.
Kapadia is due to retire on September 29, and the countdown has begun with the CJI winding up by marking important cases before the bench headed by him to other benches and pronouncing judgments in cases already heard by him.
The memorial, proposed by Hessler, will consist of five small square wooden benches where students can gather on the kindergarten playground at the school.