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I don't want my friends, family, of fellow citizens to get sucked into believing they are treating a chemical imbalance with medicine when what they are actually doing is taking drugs to feel better.
Storyteller Dolina Wallace, who reminds Walker of his believing maternal grandmother, tells the story of a guy who annoyed some naked sprites frolicking in a pool and ended up blind.
And Walton is right, too, (although this may have misled him) in thinking that Fred can imagine that women dote on him without disbelieving that they do--that is, without believing that they do not.
Someone may object here, however, that there are cases in which they are not absurd, cases in which one may quite consistently pretend that p whilst believing that p.
It is not that, believing she has blue eyes, Fred makes-believe she has blue eyes, but rather that, believing she has blue eyes, he makes-believe he is currently visually aware of her blue eyes.
The answer to this is like that to the question how it can happen that someone both believes and does not believe that p (which is not, of course, the same as believing p and not-p).
Anyone who has chuckled at an outrageous headline blazing across a supermarket tabloid can tell you that understanding an idea and believing in that idea do not go hand-in-hand.
Gilbert and his co-workers have yet to study whether distracted attention increases the likelihood of believing obviously outrageous assertions.
Believing that a smaller Oversight Board would operate more efficiently (and be less likely to be dominated by "constituency politics"), TEI urges the conferees to adopt the Senate bill's provision on the size of the Board.
Don't we Catholics and other believing people have a special responsibility to take a stand that demands equal justice for everyone?
The attendees expect the stock market to have a good year, with a majority believing both the Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite Index will climb more than ten percent (10%) in 2001.
Additionally, eighty-nine percent (89%) believe that Small-Cap stocks will perform as well as or better than the overall stock market in 2001, with forty-seven percent (47%) believing Small-Cap stocks will outperform the overall market.