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have bats in one's belfry

Inf. Fig. to be crazy. You must really have bats in your belfry if you think I'll put up with that kind of stuff. Pay no attention to her. She has bats in her belfry.
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have bats in the belfry

to be crazy Don't tell anyone else I said that or they'll think I've got bats in the belfry.
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bats in one's belfry, have

Be crazy or at least very eccentric, as in Sally thought her aunt's belief in ghosts indicated she had bats in her belfry. This term in effect likens the bat's seemingly erratic flight in the dark to ideas flying around in a person's head. [Early 1900s]
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have bats in one’s belfry

tv. to be crazy. (see also bats. Have got can replace have.) Pay no attention to her. She has bats in her belfry.
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have bats in (one's) belfry

To behave in an eccentric, bizarre manner.
See also: bats, belfry, have
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HOW much will the Ryder Cup have taken out of defending champion Lee Westwood and Graeme McDowell when they tee it up in the British Masters at The Belfry tomorrow?
The jewel in the crown at The Belfry, the Brabazon, showed up really well recently when the BBC provided goodTV coverage of the Quinn Direct British Masters - won in superb style by Lee Westwood.
Colin McDonald and a Robbie Bell penalty put Belfry into the semi-finals.
I climbed the 171 steps to the top of its belfry at Bergues, which towers 54 metres above the town.
I climbed the 171 steps to the top of the Belfry at Bergues, dating from 1112, which towers 54 metres above the town.
Rooms costing pounds 110-a-night and pounds 25-a-head three-course meals had been booked at the Belfry, famous for hosting the Ryder Cup golf tournament.
All past captains have been invited to The Belfry to lend support and Ballesteros is the only European not to accept.
And you could be at The Belfry to see Sweden's Henrik Stenson defend his title.
Sutton was a Ryder Cup star at Brookline two years ago when he went 3-1-1, but some wonder whether he will actually be a liability at The Belfry.
BElfry from teh State of Confusion is visited by Roger and Roberta Realtor from the state's Realtor association.
DENVER -- KSL Capital Partners, LLC ("KSL") announced today that it has acquired The Belfry, a renowned hotel and golf resort in Wishaw, Sutton Coldfield, North Warwickshire, England.
A HANDMADE piece of bespoke jewellery will be the icing on the cake for one lucky lady taking champagne afternoon tea at The Belfry this month.
THE newly-appointed director of sales at The Belfry is back on familiar territory - after a previous ten-year spell.
The Belfry is ''back on the map as a serious venue'' after years of uncertainty under the Quinn Group, new managing director Lynn Hood said.
The Belfry in Sutton Coldfield has played host to some of the biggest stars in golf over the years after hosting the prestigious Ryder Cup four times.