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Under the bill, any individual who shall witness a motor vehicle being operated or running in any street and emit black smoke or its equivalent polluting emission shall have the authority to apprehend/arrest the driver or operator of such motorized smoke belching vehicle.
This signal in turn results in LES relaxation, causing belching and venting of trapped air.
If you are bothered by excessive belching or flatus, and your physician has determined that you have no serious disease, the following suggestions may be helpful:
Belching and farting West Ham fans still idolise the Italian - as do their husbands.
Each cow can produce 600 litres of methane and sheep as much as 30 litres a day as they graze, belching and passing wind as they go.
He is accused of breaking wind and belching in front of patients - and admits sticking two fingers up behind their back.
Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano was yesterday still belching thick ash kilometres into the air.
How all that will play across the pond is debatable, though the youngest Yanks in the audience will appreciate the script's faithfulness to the three staples of modern-day children's entertainment - comic collisions, flatulence and belching.
But he appealed against the ban on the grounds that belching had exaggerated the breathalyser reading.
And the belching cattle are responsible for 20 per cent of the country's greenhouse gas emissions.
The classic critters-saving-the-day story has the trio of cows, Maggie (voiced by Roseanne Barr, who, I imagine, does her own belching - there's much belching in this movie), Mrs.
But absolutely anyone can sign up for the homegrown talent derbies: bubble blowing, whistling, bad hair, doughnut eating, diaper changing, twins 'n' triplets, tortilla toss, belching and milk drinking, among them.
Ships docked in the ports should be required to shut off their diesel- belching engines instead of harmfully idling them, and to plug into electric power.
The women and their babies hang out in an organised group, munching (18 hours a day - it takes an awful lot of grass to maintain a buffalo's curves), while the men lounge about the periphery, rolling in mud and belching.
New York Yankees left-hander David Wells - ``Boomer'' to his expansive party circle - has never been shy about belching his opinions, but he's taken it to a new level with an upcoming book.