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belch out

to burst, billow, or gush out. Smoke belched out of the chimney.
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belch something up

to cause the release of something that goes upward. The fire belched flames and smoke up. The volcano belched up clouds of poison gasses.
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n. beer, especially bad beer. Pass the belch. Anything’s good on a hot day.
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Men love her because she's a babe who belches, a woman who confesses to know every aisle of her neighborhood hardware store.
Dietary supplements and vaccination can help reduce the amount of methane in belches.
Kimberly Ramirez said her son's frequent belches are unconscious.
A heated buckyball belches its helium atom out through a "window" that appears when bonds temporarily break in the structure, the group proposes.
Beneath the lake floor, hot volcanic magma (melted rock) in Earth's mantle belches C[O.
for example, that Ruiz belches clouds of ash and rubble, as Mt.
Just north of the eastern Zaire town of Goma, a volcano occasionally belches, shooting fiery ashes out of its crater across a vast blackened rock wasteland.
According to the USGS, Kilauea belches out about 1,000 metric tons of [SO.