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belch out

to burst, billow, or gush out. Smoke belched out of the chimney.
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belch something up

to cause the release of something that goes upward. The fire belched flames and smoke up. The volcano belched up clouds of poison gasses.
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n. beer, especially bad beer. Pass the belch. Anything’s good on a hot day.
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Of the 200 sheep so far tested, about half produced much more than average while the other half belched considerably less methane.
Newcastle Crown Court heard how other carers had raised concerns about Plunkett's behaviour towards the disabled man, claiming she had belched in his face and put obstacles in his way as he walked.
A MOTORIST who belched during a breath test was told to carry on driving yesterday by a judge.
The soot belched forth will shortly account for one-third of the smog-forming air pollution in California, the council said.
They were then belched out into the universe when the stars expired.
After a second flash a second or so later, the comet belched debris moving at 180 kilometers per hour in a fan-shaped pattern.
The shop on the ground floor, Roneo Alcatel, an office machine suppliers, was clearly a write-off as flames belched from the gaping hole in the ground.
One thinks of Hiorns's Vauxhall, 2003, recently installed outside Tate Britain, in which purgative flames belched up continuously from a grate; also of the burning of medieval churches, many of whose altarpieces were made from alabaster.
A decade and a half after the horrific accident at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor in Kiev, Ukraine--which resulted in an atom bomb's worth of radiation being belched into the air--food inspectors still scrutinize produce markets in Moscow, 415 miles away, with devices that measure atomic rays.
But would you find a woman who habitually belched, then wiped her nose on her sleeve, sexy?
AS Mount Etna belched plumes of flame and ash, workers built 10ft walls to try to prevent a new river of lava from destroying souvenir shops and a cable-car base.