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Jordan Weissmann, The Corruption Law That Scares the Bejeesus Out of Corporate America, The Atlantic (Apr.
Like so many of King's tales, it's set in Maine, centres on a troubled novelist, and is designed to scare the bejeesus out of you.
Why do so many men as well as large numbers of women batter the bejeesus out of a partner?
It's no wonder older women in Hollywood have their faces stapled up, fat hoovered out of their arses and their skin sandpapered to try and fight the passing of time, when the industry insists on taking two good-looking 50-somethings and airbrushing the bejeesus out of them to make them look younger.
Apart from the fact they know it irritates the bejeesus out of those who have to scurry around looking for child care, the dominees would prefer to be left to get on with it rather than, as one former headmaster put it, "enduring someone who probably hasn't been in a classroom for 20 years telling those of us who are there every day how to do our job".
So, translated, what Tiger is really saying is "All I regret is getting caught - now back off or I'll sue the bejeesus out of you.