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behoove (one) to (do something)

To be a beneficial action for one to take. It behooves him to give his boss two weeks' notice so that he maintains a good professional relationship with her. It would behoove you to call your mother before she hears about your pregnancy from someone else.
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behoove one to do something

Cliché [for someone] to be obliged to do something. It behooves you to apologize to her for how you insulted her. It behooves me to make up for all the help you have given me.
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To DREAM Act supporter Antonio Flores, president of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities, the legislation makes perfect sense: "It would behoove our society to have highly educated people.
Given that the "drink plenty of fluids" credo is so ingrained, it would behoove the medical community to test the recommendations therapeutic value, the researchers say.
It would behoove the taxpayer to minimize (to the extent possible) other AMT preference items (such as state and local taxes and other miscellaneous itemized deductions), as these deductions will have no value to him.
If you don't have a place like this in your town, it might behoove all of us if you introduce yourself to the manager of one of the mall mega-plexes and propose he set aside one of his 48 screens to show "specialized" movies, which cost next to nothing to market (a couple of handbills in the right bars, if you know what I mean).
Would it behoove the Lakers or Clippers to make at least one more half-hearted effort at getting Ron Artest, if only to keep him away from Golden State or any other desperate team in the Pacific Division?
What's needed, he explains, are multiple checks of qualifications, adding that if nearly 30 percent of resumes contain false information (an unscientific, but widely held belief), "it would behoove any employer to double- and triple-check the information on an application, and really explore an individual's background.
It would behoove us to discover the source of this gas so that we can make better-informed decisions about what to do," agrees Stephen A.
Doesn't it behoove us, then, to refrain from pointing an accusing finger at this person we suspect of adultery, that person we suspect of embezzlement, or that person we suspect of sinning by homosexual acts?
It would behoove the industry, just as the plastics industry is doing, to initiate the action instead of having it legislated for you.
It would behoove Romer and the school board members to put their egos aside and consider what's best for the future of education in the LAUSD.
Since the lunar maria appear to contain relatively large deposits of titanium -- a valuable resource that people might one day mine -- it would behoove NASA to know what regions harbor most of the oxide.
So, from a practice management standpoint, it would seem to behoove practitioners to thoroughly document the support for controversial recommended positions and, if possible, emphasize in that documentation the authorities acceptable under IRS guidelines (see the chart on page 192), as opposed to the opinions of others.
It'd probably behoove everybody on both sides to see it from that perspective.
In lieu of turning the aged prisoners into ``Soylent Green,'' it might behoove the legislators, both here in California and at the federal level as well, to rethink their policy of incarcerating nonviolent drug offenders.
It might behoove the president to take a look at President Abraham Lincoln's list of public failures to understand that they didn't hurt and arguably aided his winning the presidency.