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a joy to behold

A thing, event, or experience that creates a profound sense of joy or elation in the spectator. The spring flowers in this part of the country are truly a joy to behold. The play was a joy to behold, full of beauty, warmth, and wit.
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a sight to behold

An especially impressive, noteworthy, or remarkable person, event, or thing; something or someone who is very much worth seeing. If you never go anywhere else in your life, make sure you see the Grand Canyon: it's a sight to behold. The new jazz singer is really a sight to behold. She's probably the best we've ever had at the club.
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lo and behold

A phrase used to indicate something surprising or unexpected. I'd been searching for my glasses all over the house when, lo and behold, they were on my head the whole time.
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Lo and behold!

Cliché Look here!; Thus! (An expression of surprise.) Lo and behold! There is Fred! He beat us here by taking a shortcut.
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marvel to behold

someone or something quite exciting or wonderful to see. Our new high-definition television is a marvel to behold. Mary's lovely new baby is a marvel to behold.
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ˌlo and beˈhold

(humorous) used when telling a story to introduce somebody’s unexpected appearance: I walked into the restaurant and, lo and behold, there was my boss with his wife.The phrase uses old words that tell you to look at something. It means ‘look and see’.
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Implementing agency : Yongin, Gyeonggi-do Office of Education Department of Education behold Middle School
And what a blessing it becomes to begin to see with spiritual eyes and behold the image of the emaciated baby as she really is, whole, to touch the cripple in the wheelchair and say hello, to visit a friend or acquaintance in the hospital or nursing home with a great big smile, and to stop by the table with the Down child and touch his shoulder and tell him and his parents what a wonderful family they are.
Instead, it is a further indictment to the failure of architects and planners to create buildings which are a pleasure to behold and do something to enhance the built environment.
Dunguib a sight to behold DUNGUIB kept his unbeaten record intact with yet another easy victory at Grade 1 level at Leopardstown yesterday and it's hard to argue with bookmakers who are quoting him at odds-on for the Supreme Novices' Hurdle at Cheltenham, although whether he is tempting at those odds given his Champion Hurdle entry is another matter.
Just to get you in the spirits this Halloween, the band are offering fans a quick peep of their new video for Behold from their third single release, double A side Behold/Dead I Well May Be, filmed at a toothtremblingly haunted former mental asylum.
Lo and behold, Beeula taps the Magic Sceptre three times and says the magic words,"Let everyone know the magic of Halloween" and magic dust brings along candy corn, rose colored glasses, a black cat costume for Pumpkin-Puss, Beeula's Halloween-challenged cat, pumpkin flashlights, trick or treat bags, and a huge black owl named Hootie
But for it to honestly encapsulate the entirety of our human condition, the humanist belief system must open its doors to the inherent need to create, express, and behold the beauty put forth in poetry, song, painting, and other artistic media.
Angus is the Celtic god of love, youth, and beauty who distributes dreams at night and inspires love in all who behold him.
Let people know you're not just a vision to behold.
Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel--God with us.
This alleged masterpiece of humble "you ain't a homo, you just can't get no pussy" logic both astounds and repulses those that behold it.
Ahug, a kiss - his duty's done Behold theman, behold the son But think on her, the gift she gave All there is, from womb to grave
BEHOLD THE Holbrook family: Logan, age 3, Justin, age 14, and their father, Lt.
Many San Fernando Valley gardens, ponds and fountains - whether hidden behind bamboo screens in backyards or prominently displayed for the world to see - are impressive sights to behold.
Lo and behold, but that the same organization adjudicated an opinion piece which appeared in the Hamilton Spectator, "Same-sex marriage sanctifies hedonism" (Nov.