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Local mommy bloggers will be invited to go on behind-the-counter tours with their local McDonald's Owner/Operator mom, similar to the experience Laura Posada is participating in.
Creating a new class of behind-the-counter drugs may be one way to increase access and convenience to needed medication for many Americans.
The current de facto behind-the-counter status of Plan B emergency contraception provides a good example of the potential benefits and drawbacks of creating a new class of drugs.
We urge the FDA to prioritize improved health outcomes as it considers a new class of behind-the-counter drugs.
In the absence of any evidence that behind-the-counter screening increases consumer caution, some doctors see this option as little more than a way to make skittish regulators more comfortable with the transition to over-the-counter status.
And while the behind-the-counter trend seems to be moving toward easier access, it can also lurch backward.
The Red Tag cases neither impact the studios' handling and automated fulfilment processes nor their costs and will reduce security handling at retailer level, compared to case-keepers or behind-the-counter bagging.
In addition, Healthnotes generates several behind-the-counter applications that are licensed to intranet and Internet sites worldwide.
ITN offers travelers unprecedented access to behind-the-counter travel technology," said Ken Swanton, CEO for Internet Travel Network.
The services will include walk-up workstations enabling users to easily design and print compound documents incorporating full- color images, as well as behind-the-counter workstations that Kinko's personnel will use to write Photo CD Portfolio II discs for customers.