behind time

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behind (one's) time

1. Old fashioned or antiquated, as in manner, beliefs, style, etc. I love grandpa, but he is really behind his time when it comes to what constitutes an acceptable relationship. The filmmaker seems to be as behind his time as the films he makes.
2. Later than expected, scheduled, or is appropriate. The driver is always arriving behind his time to collect us.
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behind time

Later than expected, scheduled, or is appropriate. Go ahead and begin the meal without us, we're running a little behind time. We're sorry for being a little behind time with our takeoff, ladies and gentlemen. We should be departing shortly.
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behind time

see under behind in.
See also: behind, time

ahead of/behind ˈtime

early/late: He arrived ahead of time, and had to wait.The trains are running behind time again today.
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Based on these interactions, a final list consisting of a total of 13 reasons behind time delays in pharmaceutical projects was prepared.
Froome finished only 12sec behind time trial world champion Tony Martin yesterday, but put another two minutes of distance between him and his likeliest challengers for the iconic maillot jaune.
If the patient agrees, you can certainly listen to any information and help the relative understand what is happening, or remind staff the intravenous infusion is running behind time, but it is not your role to adjust it.
The idea [ behind time limit] is to ensure that the departure area is not jammed, but it is often misused by contractors.
So the office managers can tell them to work harder as they are behind time.
It was basically made with asphalt, which is behind time for redevelopment.
But there was another occasion when her daughter might have wished mum had been running behind time as she was persuaded to be part of the school concert.
Scheduling future labour requirements and the ability to forecast labour costs before they occur is the real power behind time and attendance systems, and should provide the greatest return.
In the same way that the Corporation has made use of IT to improve, it is hoped that PortNet will encourage the wider port community to leave behind time consuming paper systems, and use technology more efficiently.
The pull of family and culture is similar to the concept behind time shares in Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the United Arab Emirates - not necessarily considered the top vacation destinations for the average traveler.
But perhaps this is indifferent, insofar as, wherever they come from, they still stand behind time and the present, or behind history and time, or behind time as history and the present.
Surprisingly, registration fees were fourth behind time of year and dates of the meeting.
There was plenty of support for him at Catterick last month, but a couple of mistakes put paid to any chance of victory and he did well to fill the runner-up spot behind Time To Reflect.
The new Wembley Stadium is running yet further behind time and will not be completed until after September - a development that was as predictable as England's early exit in Germany.
As Toytown jumped the 11th fence, Phillips saw the clock and realised she was behind time, so kicked on through the treble and caught a pole in the middle element.