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But we weren't prepared to let his 20 years behind bars be the end of the matter and have worked tirelessly over the last few years to strip him of the money he made through unlawful means.
The 21 will remain behind bars at least until their next court session, Freedom for the Brave, an initiative which provides support and assistance to detainees, said.
Douglas' uncle Forrest Douglas said the 32-year-old has now completed 35 courses as ordered by the legal system during his time behind bars.
There are many people like Mr Douglas who are still behind bars serving sentences for "public protection" two years after those sentences were abolished.
BEIRUT: Hizb Ut-Tahrir said Friday that the Military Tribunal has sentenced three of its members to three months behind bars for "demeaning the reputation of the Lebanese Army.
A judge at Canterbury Crown Court sentenced Richards to 18 months behind bars for drugs offences on November 24, a Kent Police spokesman said yesterday.
I think what Judge Fox did to her, putting her behind bars was unfair.
Police cannot put him back behind bars to serve the remaining 913 days because he was originally sentenced by the Royal Court of Jersey.
5 million inmates, followed by Russia with 890,000 people behind bars.
The Northern Ireland Lord Chief Justice was yesterday preparing to tell loyalist killer Michael Stone how long he will have to spend behind bars.
Now, CBS has boldly assumed the duties of sticking it to Stewart, with ``Martha Behind Bars,'' essaying her brief incarceration for obstruction of justice.
The architects teamed up with actor Chevy Chase to create doghouses to be auctioned off for Puppies Behind Bars, which teaches inmates to raise guide dogs for the blind and explosive detection dogs for law enforcement.
Inmates in the general population quickly learn to be on guard for the violence and conflict that can be a daily part of life behind bars.