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beguile (someone) into (doing something)

To entice someone to do what one wants through some form of cunning, trickery, or charm. Oh, I am going to that gala, even if I have to beguile one of my co-workers into taking me. I can't believe that salesman beguiled us into buying such an overpriced appliance.
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beguile (someone) out of (something)

To swindle something from someone. That con man beguiled us out of thousands, I'm ashamed to say.
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beguile (someone) with (something)

To captivate someone with something. Peter beguiled the audience with the exciting tales of his world travels.
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beguile someone into something

to charm someone into doing something. You can't beguile me into stealing for you! I beguiled Tom into driving me to the airport.
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beguile someone out of something

1. to charm someone out of doing something. I will try to beguile them out of doing it. He beguiled her out of leaving.
2. to charm something away from someone. She's trying to beguile the old man out of a substantial amount of his money. Max beguiled the old lady out of her rings.
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beguile someone with something

to charm or fascinate someone with something. She beguiled her date with tales of her luxurious lifestyle. He spent the evening beguiling her with stories of the Old West.
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He was a children's entertainer and they were beguiled by his singing and painting.
Krishna, a lovably scapegrace incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, has beguiled audiences for centuries with the heedless charms of an old-fashioned boy.
On loan from their native China, eight-year-old Bai Yun and 20-year-old Shi Shi have beguiled behaviourists hoping to mate the endangered animals since they joined the zoo in September 1996.
Small children are beguiled by these little molluscs that ooze around with their home on their backs, and have their eyes on stalks.
A Milky Way object that erupted in the constellation Scorpius has beguiled astronomers with its fireworks since late July.
Lara Croft, who has dazzled and beguiled audiences in six episodes of Tomb Raider, one of the world's bestselling game franchises, now has the representation to accompany her star power: a Hollywood agent.
For two centuries, Mars has beguiled us with its Earth-like appearance.
Beguiled by the altered likeness, the visitor almost forgot to sit.
Of course, in order to be beguiled, you have to be in the mood for a movie in which Roberts is more often obnoxious than lovable, Pitt acts like an idiot (though on purpose this time, unlike in some of his earlier roles) and James Gandolfini - who plays that paragon of miserably married masculinity, Tony Soprano, on HBO - shows some unexpected inclinations.
I've been beguiled by the way artistic habits tend to skip generations.
Kozlova's able partner in the very close pas de deux, Timour Bourtasenkov, is beguiled, but remains a creature apart.
He is aroused by modernist idealism in the same way that fashion magazines are beguiled by Miuccia Prada's Communist past.
You see the concept and the vocabulary in the first few minutes, and it doesn't fly from there, especially if one isn't beguiled by the performers; the two men are joined much later by two women, and only Fin Walker intrigued me.
Do not be beguiled by the specious arguments of opponents.
When the serpent beguiled Eve into tasting of the tree of knowledge, according to the Book of Genesis, God condemned the serpent to go on its belly ``and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.