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The pitching motion begins with a series of simultaneous and sequential actions.
The story of Bruce Wayne is, of course, an orphan story; the saga begins with the young boy watching helplessly as a petty criminal murders his saintly father and mother in a botched hold-up attempt.
My fiction course begins with well-known fairy tales followed by little-known variants, then contemporary rewritings.
The focus of this season of transition begins with Psalm 147.
Because it's such a miniscule world--vertical movement of about three-eighths of an inch from the surface of the key to the bottom--key descent may impress us mostly by its insignificance compared to the lateral sweep of hands across the keyboard, but for the pianist the artistry that captivates an audience begins with key depression.
The link between our tactile sense and aural sense begins with listening to the tone produced when keys are treated differently.
Disintegration of societal values begins with a lost sense of personal responsibility.
Below, the float begins with conceptual drawings, and at left, stands ready for its flowery coating.