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I have to beg to differ as I was born across the Welsh border from Oswestry at Moelfre near Llansilin and moved to and was educated in Oswestry.
I BEG to differ with Tony Blair when he says there is a moral case to remove Saddam Hussein - by war if necessary.
In regard to your article about the greatness Gray Davis has done for gays in California, I beg to differ.
I beg to differ with Rich Lowry's viewpoint that only boys are gun nuts.
Well, as the only truly Scottish national paper, managed and edited here, we beg to differ.
WHILE Walter Smith may be happy with a clean sheet and a point away from home, many long-suffering Evertonians would beg to differ.
A I BEG to differ with C Patterson (Question Time, March 24).
Foster is convinced the shot Messersmith served up went further, although the record books beg to differ.
There'll be no chilling effect, for those alarmists who beg to differ.
Having watched your first show David, I beg to differ.
The bettors didn't beg to differ, installing the Trojans as 4-1/2-point favorites on the strength of a Coliseum home-field advantage that, for this week, anyway, came complete with temporary bleachers that thickened the throng to 93,829.
Judging from this picture, love, we beg to differ - they look hard as rocks and if they were any higher up they'd be earmuffs.
But articles in the current issues of two leading medical journals suggest that scientists beg to differ - with each other.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Proverb 9 Allow 10 Taken 11 Genesis 12 Run 13 Neonatal 16 Solution 17 Elm 19 Mastiff 21 Padre 22Ghana 23Risotto DOWN: 1 Upstart 2 Look into 3 Rein 4 Maintain 5 Ales 6 Awash 8 Beg to differ 13 Nautical 14 Anecdote 15 Emperor 18 Imago 20 Slap 21 Past QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Charge nurse 8 Toe 9 Lug 11 Blazing 12 Pearl 13 Oar 14 Moo 15 Enquire 17 Elf 19Wars 21 Undo 23 User 25Wine 27 Mrs 29 Taxicab 31 Ate 34 Sue 36 Reach 37 Cuisine 38 Yes Y 39 Gin 40 Measurement DOWN: 1 Cola 2 Hear 3 Reigned 4 Egg-cup 5 Upper 6 Slam 7 Euro 8 T-bone 10 Gloss 16 Ewe 18 Fun 20 Arm 22 Net 24 Stadium 25Weary 26 Pincer 28 Sheen 30 Ashes 32 Teem 33 Ease 34 Sign 35 Unit
IN response to Kevin Lynch's letter 'Wrong verdict' (Telegraph, Nov 18), I beg to differ.