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For this, the Eastwood Cafe+Bar has a Beer Blast promotion, through which Happy Hour seekers can try 85 different beers from all over the world
Watching a bad stoner movie is like arriving hours late at a beer blast - everybody else has already had a few, they're silly and sloshy and laughing breathlessly at jokes that you in your soberness know are just stupid.
FRANKFURT, Germany-American exhibitors and their international guests were treated to hearty German soups, fresh country-style bread specialties and lots of beer at the Heimtextil Beer Blast Nite, held Jan.
Standing amid the soggy flotsam and jetsam of a nightlong college beer blast and fast-food frenzy, freshman Evan Goulette of Grants Pass thought for a moment and then decided the highlight of the experience was the burning couch.
FRANKFURT, Germany-USA Pavilion exhibitors and their international guests, are invited to Heimtextil Beer Blast Nite, an evening of fun and casual business, on Thursday, Jan.
Pic also suggests that new-generation summertime visitors--college-age blacks who favor rap and beer blasts over jazz and cocktail parties--aren't entirely welcome by tradition-bound Oak Bluffs residents.
While student housing may call to mind rowdy fraternity parties, along with beer blasts raging in the halls, Scott says that isn't what happens at all.