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Dr Sigman says bedtime story telling gives children a sense of security and an opportunity to bond with their parents.
A bedtime story also exercises the child's listening skills and helps build upon his attention span as well.
Hardy's CBeebies Bedtime Story will air on Saturday, August 26 - National Dog Day.
is an endearing tale about a princess who cannot go to sleep without a bedtime story from her daddy.
A 2015 study in the United Kingdom found that among 1,000 parents, '34 percent never read a bedtime story to their children, with 29 percent blaming late working and 26 percent the daily commute.
Jemima and Jake then take responsibility for their babysitter, reading HER a bedtime story and sending her off to bed.
A charity auction to have a bedtime story read by Tilda Swinton attracted just five online bids in its first two weeks.
On the many nights she spent alone, Sanchez Paulsen wrote what she describes as the most important bedtime story she'll ever tell: a fantastical tale about a young elf who joins with his brothers to battle dragons as they visit their mother in the land of the fairies.
YOU can't beat a good read or a bedtime story, whatever your age, and no-one knows that better than Ladybird Books.
I realised, since HarperCollins were taking the risk of publishing this, I might as well ask them to print a play of mine which had not been published for almost 40 years ( Bedtime Story ).
But nighttime yarns MI aren't just for kids, says Maybe I'll Tell you a Bedtime Story HI author Claudine Lanthenay who is on a mission to put a sexy spin on the traditional late night story, with her white hot, fun lesbian erotica.
But no amount of words could have said as much as seeing a high school student wipe her eyes of tears as she remembered a time when a teacher read her a bedtime story.
When a camera on a tablet or phone is held over the dots, the app will launch an interactive bedtime story or show other types of educational content, including photos of animals or objects.
EX-BAYWATCH star David Hasselhoff, pictured, has landed his next plum role - helping to get children to sleep by reading a CBeebies Bedtime Story.