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bedeck with (something)

To decorate or embellish with something. I want this whole room bedecked with lights for the Christmas party. During the 1960s, many girls bedecked their hair with flowers.
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bedeck someone or something with something

to decorate someone or something with something. She bedecked herself with garlands of daisies. Karen bedecked the room with flowers.
See also: bedeck
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hand-carved sheesham wood double size headboards, pounds 275, iron helmet lamp, pounds 55, The Indian Shop (01672-851155); Tie Dye Saffron double duvet cover, pounds 40, quilted pillow shams, pounds 12 each, Oxford pillowcases, pounds 11 each, housewife pillowcases, pounds 6 each, valance, pounds 30, fitted sheet, pounds 19 Bedeck (0845 603 0861); Kasbah side table, pounds 79.
For nearest stockist, call the Bedeck customer helpline on 0845 603 0861.
They delight in the marvellous displays which bedeck the town centre every year.
PILLOWCASES with a built-in delicate fragrance are the latest idea from Bedeck.
According to Bedeck, the scent will survive 20 washes and has passed skin sensitivity tests.
Ring Bedeck on 0845-603 0861 and the Melissa range can be yours, from pounds 30 for a single duvet cover.
The world knows the spectacular whorls, streaks and stripes that bedeck the atmospheres of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune from the photos taken by the Voyager and Pioneer spacecraft.