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becoming on (someone)

Attractive on someone, as of clothing or other wearable items. That gown is so becoming on you, my dear. My daughter has hazel eyes, so olive green is very becoming on her.
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*becoming on someone

[of clothing] complimentary to someone; [of clothing] enhancing one's good looks. (*Typically: be ~; look ~.) The dress you wore last night is not becoming on you. That color is very becoming on you.
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disappointed at someone or something

 and disappointed in someone or something
becoming sad because of someone or something. I am really disappointed at what you did. I am very disappointed in you. That was a terrible thing to do. They were disappointed in the outcome.
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14) Indeed, Japanese young adult women are becomingly increasingly at risk for disordered eating with such focus on low body weights.
Sixty-one years later, becomingly collectively engaged in tax issues remains just as, if not more so, important.
As a result of an incident on Bondi Beach on 13 November 1902, when bathers were threatened with prosecution because they were not, in the words of the Sydney Morning Herald, 'properly and becomingly clad', Inspector General of Police Edmund Fosbery, put his progressive policy with regard to 'bathing' on public record.
The family of a missing Teesside man are becomingly increasingly concerned for his welfare.
The Fulham boss watched the Welsh international in action against Hungary in midweek and is becomingly increasingly impressed with the 25-year-old.
After being used, the plank, piously treated as if it were the Spirit of the Blessed Sacrament--since potentially it contained the Word--was carefully slipped into a silken sheath adorned with the word "Mens" becomingly embroidered among various small embellishments.
From whatever vantage point one takes, however, the vista is unforgivingly clear: Solomon Islanders are becomingly steadily poorer and prospects for future development appear nowhere in sight.
Moreover, the term "early modern" is becomingly devoid of ideological content.
She grabbed the can from his grasp, whereupon the lid came off and the snake shot out, narrowly missing her eye but landing becomingly over her shoulder like a misbegotten boa.
I always found the congregation of two dozen there to be becomingly pious in demeanor.
government and that it was loaned to them so they might dress becomingly.
Unlike, say, a contemporary man in an art gallery viewing a female nude for its "aesthetic" qualities and thereby objectifying the whole concept of woman in the process, Lisa here identifies on a human level with the outline of the man on the shroud, so much so, in fact, that she loses faith in the Resurrection because she now believes that the man, whose hands are "placed becomingly over the genitals" (in a striking foreshadowing of Babi Yar [151]), is indeed Christ and that he died a human death.
And the uncompromising champion of conservative values is revealed as a becomingly modest artist.
Shavit added, "With utilities and regulators across the nation searching for ways to measure the success of customer education programs, it is becomingly increasingly critical to bring together stakeholders from the energy and utilities industry to develop and implement best practices for educating customers about smart meter deployments and related programs.
This approach becomingly prepares the ground for the next work--Janaeek's Fairy Tate for Cello and Piano.