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beck and call

A phrase indicating one's compliance or obedience. Most often used in the phrase "at (someone's) beck and call." Do you really think I'll do anything you say? I'm not at your beck and call! A: "How can we get to the mall this weekend?" B: "Oh, my sister will take us—she's been at my beck and call ever since I caught her sneaking in past curfew!"
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at someone's beck and call

ready to obey someone. What makes you think I wait around here at your beck and call? I have to leave for work, you know! It was a fine hotel. There were dozens of maids and waiters at our beck and call.
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at somebody's beck and call

ready to do whatever someone asks Imagine what it's like to have a cook and a maid at your beck and call.
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be at somebody's beck and call

to be always willing and able to do what someone asks you to do She had a dozen servants at her beck and call. TV companies should not be at the beck and call of government ministers.
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at someone's beck and call

Required to comply with someone's requests or commands, as in The boss expects the entire staff to be at his beck and call. The noun beck, now obsolete except in this idiom, meant "a gesture or signal of command, such as a nod or hand movement," whereas call signifies "a vocal summons." Also see dance attendance on.
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at (someone's) beck and call

Ready to comply with any wish or command.
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