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Recognizing that one supermodel's beauty mark is another's mole, we analyze Saturday's victory and offer this keen insight into areas screaming for improvement:
She couldn't know that in three years she would be Marilyn Monroe with blonde hair, a beauty mark, a little cosmetic surgery .
LEADERS Z Alex Ferguson and captain Bryan Robson IT'S LEE WINNER United full-back Lee Martin gets his leg to the ball to poke it past Palace keeper Nigel Martyn for the winner in the 1990 FA Cup Final at Wembley HUGHJ BEAUTY Mark Hughes celebrates as Martin's shot crosses the line in the second half as United win the cup UNSTOPPABLE Jubilant Alex Ferguson hails his stand-in keeper Les Sealey after his clean sheet in the cup final of 1990
Fans may be surprised to learn that 5ft 3in, blue-eyed Gillian has a beauty mark on her upper lip, which is covered up when she's in front of the cameras, and that her natural hair colour is ash blonde.
At left, Beavon applies the trademark Monroe beauty mark to her cheek in preparation for a public appearance.
Please don't turn the page too loudly because you might wake up sleeping beauty Mark Wright, who has been snapped totally unawares having a cosy wosey cutesy wootsy snooze wiv a tiny ickle wickle doggy.
So if prospective parents want to shell out thousands for a one-in-a-million chance at reproducing a child with Cindy Crawford's beauty mark or Imam's lanky body, then let them have at it.
Give him a big dress and a beauty mark and he wouldn't look out of place at Eastbourne Theatre this Christmas.
Two pests are especially troublesome: imported cabbageworm (whose adult stage is that familiar white butterfly with a single black beauty mark on each wing) and aphids.
BEAUTY MARK Rossiter celebrates his wonder goal on Monday; McDONNELL OUT OF RUNNING
It had become a signature beauty mark for her, much as it did for model Cindy Crawford and screen legend Marilyn Monroe.
Mary Beth Hurt, her hair cropped and a beauty mark added to her left cheek, creates a stirring impression of what Jean Seberg might have looked like had she lived past age 40.
For instant boudoir beauty The Beauty Mark Kit is the answer.
The first section, The Ancient Palette, addresses three of the main types of makeup used throughout history: red for lips and checks, white for a pale complexion, and black for eyeliner and beauty marks.
However, the escalating interest in beauty marks Millennials as an important demographic for both mass and premium brands.