beat back

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beat someone or something back

to drive someone or something back to where it came from. We beat them back to where they were before the war started. The army beat back the defenders and saved the town. They were able to beat the wolves back and make an escape.
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beat back something

also beat something back
to reduce the power or importance of something People who experience a disaster have to beat back the fear and sadness all over again when another disaster strikes. Once again, health-care reform has been beaten back in Congress.
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beat back

Force to retreat or withdraw, as in His findings beat back all their arguments to the contrary. This phrase was often used in a military context (and still is), as in Their armies were beaten back. [Late 1500s]
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But Mickelson didn't actually have to beat back a challenge from Woods.
For Villaraigosa to beat back these special interests - many of them already doing their best to curry his favor after supporting Hahn's campaign - he will need to implement even tougher polices and exercise extreme vigilance within his administration.
Active Concepts, LLC announced today that it successfully beat back an attempt by Arch Personal Care, L.
Glazier said he is confident that California's congressional delegation and others in Congress will beat back the proposal.
What's the current situation and prognosis for Internet gaming in Australia (one of the first jurisdictions to legalize Internet gaming, only to narrowly beat back a recent effort to establish a moratorium on Internet gaming)?
People say graduation is in a month, and they're looking forward to it,'' said Abbott, 18, who beat back leukemia to graduate from Saugus High School today.
The player, as Daak Ransem, will need to find and use all manner of vehicles and technology -- from helicopters and motorcycles to urban assault vehicles -- to navigate the perilous terrain, beat back the aliens and rescue the humans from their hostile environment.
Minnesota mustered sufficient energy to beat back the Lakers in Game 5 at Target Center, extending its season another two days.
Their day of reckoning could come as soon as Tuesday, unless they find the wisdom and the will to beat back the steamrolling San Antonio Spurs in the next few days.
It's fine to root for Daly to beat back his demons, correct to cheer when he succeeds, natural to smile when he taps in to win last week's Buick Invitational and sheds tears of joy.
The man, whose name was not released, was pulled out of the flames by workers from a nearby custom car shop, who used fire extinguishers and a water hose to douse the burned man and beat back flames.
Saturday's first round was full of players who'll have to beat back the doubts about them, most of them for the first time in their football careers.
Every night, it appears O'Neal is trying to beat back that perception with as many rim-bending dunks as he can muster.
But O'Neal beat back the pain, beat back Vlade Divac and the rival Sacramento Kings in the Western Conference finals, and the Lakers rolled the Nets to claim a three-peat.