beat at

beat at something

to strike out at something. He beat at his attacker to no avail. Lily beat at the snake, but didn't harm it.
See also: beat
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I Turner beat M McGonigle 2 and 1; J Egen beat C Elvin 6 and 5; D Arkle beat D Turnbull 2 up; M Arkle beat AT Potts 5 and 4; J Henderson beat G Campbell 7 and 5; R Birkett lost to G Crombie 2 and 1.
Put sugar, margarine and shortening into a 2-quart bowl and beat at highest speed with electric mixer 10 minutes.
G Ridley beat J Egen 1 up; J Eggleston beat D Arkle 4 and 3; A Tate lost to M Arkle 4 and 2; J Storey beat AT Oliver 4 and 2; L Foggon beat M Clements 4 and 3; D Scott beat D Hulme 3 and 2.
A Keenan beat D Arkle 2 and 1; B Riley beat M Arkle 4 and 3; D O'Brien halved with J Egan; T Mather beat AT Oliver 4 and 3; C Johnson beat P Evans 2 and 1; N Henderson lost to G Turney 2 and 1.